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Things to know about Cellular Assets Tracking

Through this article, we are talking about Cellular Assets Tracking and the benefits of assets tracking. 

How To Track Your Assets

Cellular Assets Tracking is a process of using a mobile device to track assets around the workplace. Assets Tracking is a method used to track physical assets of companies. This is either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS or RFID which broadcast their location.

Employees usually use a company’s fixed assets register to scan assets and update them with all relevant data through their devices and apps or through a web browser. This data can be an asset’s location, or it can be many things like something you bought or a photo. An asset register can be created with this data. 

The system for Cellular Assets Tracking or mobile assets tracking needs to be operated with a specific tracking technology. Various methods like barcode, QR, RFID can be used for this.

What is the best way to track assets?

One of the best cellular assets tracking systems available today is Geoforce’s battery-powered ATI cellular assets tracker. This is a revolutionary and flexible hybrid backing device. It tracks your assets location regardless of whether it is outside or inside. 

LTE-based cellular networks are designed for wide bandwidth wireless connectivity in mobile products and devices. On the other hand, lower power and narrowband cellular technologies are used in many applications. 

The global assets tracking market is expanding rapidly. According to leading trade publications, 80 percent of OEMs in the assets tracking space have released products for cellular IoT low power wide area networks.

People like delivery drivers or construction workers get the most benefits from such assets. This makes it very easy to monitor them in their remote areas. Location tracking is done with GPS trillation by cellular asset network like NRF9166 sip. It also communicates through LTE network with voice messages. Sending and receiving this message can be done globally. 

There are several advantages that you can get from this type of asset tracking. by the time, 

No Extra Cost

Nowadays, employees in many workspaces have access to smartphones. It is a great advantage for companies using cellular asset tracking. First, employees can connect to the asset tracker through their device or through the device provided by the company. You can do this by logging into a third party app or website. On the other hand, employees do not have to provide additional training because they are familiar with the mobile. 

An asset register can be created with real-time and accurate data

By creating an asset register, workers can access and update data anywhere at any time. It is very important for field employees. For this, data must be collected and inputted first. 

Update, Access and Manage data in the field 

It can be difficult for employees working in the field to get asset data. Therefore, their job can be extended for a long time. Most of the time workers have to go to the relevant places and find the information physically. But with cloud-based system and mobile device and cellular assets, field employees can get data very quickly.

Quickly identify and remove ghost assets 

Ghost assets are assets that can be added to company directories. This gives productivity issues and costs. Therefore, it is important to identify these. Ghost assets can be removed quickly by the asset tracking system.

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