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UNO Synth Pro desktop full review

The UNO Synth first surprised us in 2018. It is the company’s first hardware synthesizer. It is analogue and besides it is affordable and sounded fantastic. Now this UNO Synth has come to us as Synth Pro. Its last outing is three-voice paraphony, an ectra filter, a second LFO, and CV/Gate connectivity. 

Ik multimedia UNO Synth Pro desktop becomes a small instrument. It has a plastic build and a flat design. It has a capacitive 32-key keyboard and touchstrip wheels instead of physical ones.

The UNO Synth Pro is available in both keyboard and desktop formats. The house in both versions is exactly the same synthesizer. Both models are available in crisp red and black color scheme. And the dash of green form the backlit sequencer buttons and the white of the LCD display can be seen. There are 1/4 inch line outputs, a 3.5 mm headphone cut USB and spin DIN MIDI and four 3.5 mm sockets. The screen here is a very small OLED display. 

There are 128 presents suitable for beginners. Therefore, you can quickly start making music by doing the sound synthesis move. The capacitive keyboard is very sensitive to use. And the two touchstrip ‘med wheels’ respond well.

The 16-part 64-step sequencer here is very powerful. And with the song mode, you can build up complicated sequences. 

Both models use micro USB for computer connectivity. The desktop model forgoes a DC input and an auxiliary power micro USB socket. Desktop model can be powered by USB hub or USB PCU. It can get 1.5 A. The keyboard model comes with the same PSU. 

UNO Synth Pro surfaces both areas. It is called the sound editing matrix and the global controls. The sound editing here is well laid out and easily navigable. Edit areas like Oscillators and LFOs are dedicated to the backlit button. The central matrix display also has four associated parameters light up. The LCD automatically displays the selected parameter.

The Global Controls area here takes care of things like presets, overall setup, tempo, hold and voicing. All important filter cutoff and resonance have dedicated knobs here filter button toggling between the two filters. In addition, there are separate buttons for oscillator mix, fiter and amplifier envelopes. In addition, there are many tools. These are connective and performative. They make the UNO Synth Pro a highly flexible synthesizer. 

The analogue heart of the UNO Synth Pro consists of three oscillators, a noise generator and two filters.

Key Features 

32 – capacitive key tabletop key (desktop version)

Weight – 5.8 Kg or 700 g ( desktop version )

37 Key fatar semi – weighted keybeb (keyboard version )

6.35 mm stereo audio and 3.5mm headphone output

USB and CV

Three FX slots

Extensive set of analogue and digital I/O

Lack of a bundled PSU with the desktop Version

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