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How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case? [2023 Ideas]

Designing the phone cover is a cute way to go about it if users prefer to add a little personality to the items you regularly use. You may show your own style by personalizing your accessory in a variety of ways. But how to decorate a clear phone case?

In a Nutshell

How to decorate a clear phone case? To rapidly change the appearance of the cover, whether you have adhesives at residence, place them on it. Another enjoyable and straightforward method for giving the smartphone a completely different appearance is to use washi tapes. If you’re creative, try creating a pattern with nail paint on the smartphone. Try placing flat memorabilia beneath a transparent case when you have one. Create something original and enjoyable that you can use throughout the day.


Imagine this You recently purchased a fantastic new transparent phone cover that accomplishes everything you need it to do: safeguard your device from falls, knocks, and bruising. But you can sense that something has gone wrong. Aesthetic! Yes, a plain phone cover practically begs for some embellishment. But how to decorate a clear phone case?

We can help with the finest methods to completely deck out any phone, turning that from a functional shock blocker to a stylish piece with individuality. Adhere to these guidelines, and you’ll soon be enjoying a case that is so fantastic and one-of-a-kind that no one else will possess one quite like yours!

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case?

Let’s figure out.


Adhesives are inexpensive, entertaining, and available in practically any design you can imagine. The simplest method to customize your transparent phone cover is using stickers.

Select a few stickers to highlight, or use a montage of stickers that fill the whole case. A sticker might promote a subject you believe in, communicate your life philosophy, or become something charming and amusing that makes you happy.

Use Nail Polish to Decorate

Pick the preferred hues and determine what contrasts well with them first before doing anything else. Consider using some vibrant, clashing reds as well as yellows or some soft violets as well as blues. Additionally, now is a fantastic opportunity to use that sparkly polish that has been collecting dust on the shelf for several years over the device.

Create a creative design; with thicker nail paint, dots plus lines are usually a superb choice. Try creating an image that extends past a basic pattern when genuinely inspired by art. When choosing a nail polish, choose florals because you’ll be decorating your case with broad strokes.

Compressed Blossoms

When you enjoy florals, incorporating pressed blooms into home decor is a wonderful way to keep the springy feel all year long. The finest blossoms with this technique are those which can be flattened; larger blooms, like roses, don’t fit between any of the covers as well as the smartphone.

Seat the blossoms mostly in locations you like on the cover, put it on the floor with the face facing up, and afterward, snap the smartphone through into the lid to secure them.


Printing such a globe is a great substitute if you enjoy placing a picture behind the transparent cover and do not have a photo you wish to use. Based on your preferred aesthetic, choose from contemporary or vintage designs before putting the map into the case.

Choose an item that will serve as a compass for your travels, even if they are more reflective and intellectual than they are physical.


Placing a Picture within your transparent phone cover is an additional intriguing method. Snap a Polaroid, stick it onto the rear of any smartphone, then cover it with any phone case. You should be able to view the photo from the exterior of the covering and ensure that it addresses a front.

You may create a personal polaroid photo without the need for a camera by simply resizing your photograph to such a polaroid format and printing it on a glassy sheet. Additionally, you may apply the polaroid effect to any photo before publishing it, which will make it appear and feel identical to a polaroid. The truth won’t be revealed, so trust me.

Color-coded Tape

To create vibrant designs all over the case, apply strips of colorful artist’s tape. Travel in any direction—vertical, horizontal, diagonally, or even in all three simultaneously. Making a stylish enclosure in this manner is simple. The headset jack, as well as charge port openings, should be precisely cut using a knife.

For smooth edges, completely enclose the tape within the casing. This fashion gives countless design options at a reasonable cost. Make you are covering more vivid and bright than the outdated, translucent style.

Arrangement for Phone Cards

Postcards are among the little necessities you must always have with you, much the same as the phone. In light of this, why not combine the two into a handy small device? That would be the brilliance of both the mobile holder, which would be excellent for protecting and arranging the bank card, direct debit, and Identification.

Different Things

Knobs, old pennies, broken keys, as well as other thin, flat objects, may all be affixed to the rear of your smartphone cover if you’re getting very inventive. As instructed here on the packaging, use strong crafting glue that is impermeable to affix these items, and let them cure uninterrupted.

When you begin to glue your things together, ensure sure their arrangement won’t make it challenging for you to maintain a firm grasp.

Cellular Grip

Smartphone grips are indeed a popular solution to prevent phone drops, which is an issue that nobody loves. While texting, scrolling on social media, or taking photographs at the top of your beloved trek, you may use these attachments, which easily connect to the cover of your phone.

However, you should be mindful that now the majority of phone grips are composed of low-quality plastic, which will wind up in the water or even in the trash.

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