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How Long Does It Take to Unlock a Phone? In-Depth Guide

Unlocking a phone is not new, but this might seem unfamiliar to people trying to unlock their phone for the first time. Those who have experience unlocking the phone might know how it works. If you are wondering how long does it take to unlock a phone, then this article is for you.

Some people do not have a clear idea about unlocking their phones. Hence, they will seek the help of a professional to unlock the phone. Imagine that you need to unlock the phone this might raise several questions like the time duration required, how to do it, and many more. Therefore, it is better to understand such factors before stepping into the process. On the other hand, considering the network policies prevailing in the state or country where you reside is also important when unlocking a phone.

What Is an Unlocked Phone?

Since some of you might have a misconception about phone unlocking, here is a brief idea about it. Unlocking a phone will allow you to move the phone to a compatible network from the current network. If you are using an unlocked phone, then it means that the device will not have any restrictions or carrier locks. In case you are planning to purchase a new phone and then the term “Unlocked phone” makes you confused about what it means.

You might also ponder whether it is safe to use an unlocked phone. These are some common confusions that rise among most customers. The simple understanding you must have regarding an unlocked phone is that it will have no ties to any company hence your device will not have any network restrictions. There are some pros and cons of using an unlocked phone. Having an unlocked phone will be great since you will have several benefits.

It will also be easier when switching the device and getting a new phone. In contrast, you must also know that although you will not have any restrictions in case something goes wrong with the device, you will not have a carrier to turn to. Hence you will have to deal with the problem by yourself in the worst case you might have to get a new phone.

What Is a Locked Phone?

Before discussing how long does it take to unlock a phone, let’s also have an idea of a locked phone. If you purchase a locked phone, the device will come locked to a specific carrier. Hence you will be able to use the phone only with that carrier network. If you want to use the phone with another carrier service, it is impossible with a locked phone. Hence in such cases, you will need to unlock the device.

When unlocking, you will have to request a specific code from the carrier, and by entering it, you can complete the process successfully. The major advantage of using a locked phone is that you can seek assistance from the carrier if there is any issue with the device. In contrast, you must also know that this device will have certain restrictions.

How Long Does It Take to Unlock a Phone?

If you are trying to unlock the phone, the first thing that you must do is confirm whether your phone is locked. To do this, you will need a sim from another carrier. Hence you can purchase a sim or borrow it from a known person. Then try inserting the sim and check if the network’s name appears. If it appears, then your phone is already unlocked. Suppose the network fails to appear, then your phone is locked to a certain carrier. After confirming it, you can try unlocking the phone.

Methods to Unlock a Phone

There are several ways in which you can unlock your phone. Most people try giving the phone to a local phone shop and getting it unlocked. You can also DIY by using the software and a special data cable. If you think about the legal concern, the previously mentioned method is not legally approved. 

Hence it is better to call the particular network carrier and request them to unlock the phone for you. This method will be the safest option of all. You might also want to know how long does it take to unlock a phone when unlocking the device. To know in detail about the time taken to unlock the phone, read the article.

Time Taken to Unlock the Phone

After discussing some important factors related to unlocking the phone now, you will be looking at the time taken to unlock a phone. First, you must know that the time taken will change according to the method that you are using. In general, this process will take around 24 hours. In contrast, depending on the network provider and the brand of the phone, the time taken will differ. 

Therefore, this process can also consume several days to complete. Suppose you are using an iPhone the waiting time will be even more until the unlocking process is complete. This might take from one day to a month. You might wonder why it takes too long to unlock your phone. This is mainly because of the number of steps and the complexity of the task. The complexity will differ according to the type of network carrier and several other factors.

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock a Phone?

Finally, let’s also check how much you will have to spend to unlock the phone. According to the FCC, the respective carrier will not charge for the service if your phone is eligible to get unlocked. You can do it for free only if the device is eligible. If not, you will have to pay for the service.

If you plan to unlock the phone by getting support from a third-party service, then the cost will depend on your phone type. Apple phones will cost around $32, Motorola costs $23, and Samsung costs $25. If you use a Nokia phone, you can unlock it for around $18. If you use an android phone, you can unlock it for free.

In such a case, you will need to meet certain requirements. Another important factor that you will need to understand is that by unlocking the phone, you aren’t capable of connecting it to all the networks. Hence it will only work for suitable networks.

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