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Why Is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange? [SOLVED]

So, you have typed, Why Is My Xfinity Router blinking Orange, right? Well, that is the exact we will be discussing today. When we are required to cope with the numerous mysterious issues with their products, it often seems like our internet provider gives nothing more than a pain. Dealing with a broken router is among the most frustrating experiences, mainly because you have already paid for the item. 

It gets further worsened by several ISPs’ stranglehold on specific areas, making it nearly hard to identify a viable solution. The flickering orange indicator indicates that you’re reluctant to access the internet. 

And it is one major glitch that has recently been making the headlines on the web and is nothing new for Xfinity. However, why is my Xfinity Router blinking orange, and what does it signify? This guide will discuss every way we could discover to resolve this problem effectively.

Quick Summary: An blinking orange lighting on your XFINITY modem indicates that a firmware update is in progress. The modem upgrade may be updating itself or downloading. It is hard to pinpoint the procedure’s location because it is still in process. While you should wait for a modem firmware upgrade to finish, something may not be functioning correctly if the indicator is on for an extended period.

Read more about various tried-and-true approaches to identifying and fixing this issue.

Although most XFINITY modems employ a blinking pattern to convey data to users, this doesn’t negate the importance of the lights. You may learn more about the connectivity and modem status from the flashing orange lighting. The duration of the light is essential. Let’s look at why is my Xfinity Router blinking orange.

Why Is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange – All you need to know

A firmware update is among the causes of the orange lighting on the Xfinity router flashing. Don’t turn the modem off if you’re in this situation. Sit tight till the software update is finished. A splitter that is broken or not working correctly may also be the cause of the flickering orange light. Service interruption brought on by inclement weather or planned maintenance. The reason might be a broken modem or cable.

There are several distinct causes for the orange flickering of the Xfinity modem. The steps you can take to repair it are as follows. You will need to get in touch with support if the solutions offered in this guide don’t work. Let’s examine your options for resolving this issue, though.

Fix the problem

According to the handbook, the orange lighting on the modem might mean it successfully connects to Xfinity systems. If that is the cause, you will be required to wait for around 15 mins, after which the modem lighting must usually be working again. But if the blinking still happens after this time, use the following solution to fix the problem.

Reboot the router

Your first line of defence must always be to restart or power cycle the modem. The rationale is that this one solution will nearly always solve any issue. However, you could move on to the following solution if it doesn’t fix the issue. However, let’s first examine how to restart the modem. Utilizing the Xfinity Application or directly, you may restart the Xfinity modem.

The Xfinity Application won’t be much use because the network connectivity is likely down when the orange indicator on your modem flickers. You might also carry it out manually. Disconnect the modem from the power supply and reconnect it after about 10 to 15 seconds. Yeah, it is that easy. Continue to the next step if the Xfinity modem continues to flicker orange.

Service outage

The fact that you have no control over the situation is the most irritating one. It could be an issue with your ISP or a community interruption if you have attempted the above remedies and continue hitting your keyboard with your forehead lightly. It could be time to get out of your smartphone and utilize some of your valuable data usages. If you’re concerned that there could be a minor disruption in your area. Your internet operator is only one of several websites that provide details about power disruptions.

Fortunately, Xfinity maintains an interruption map that can get accessed with relative ease if you’ve got your login credentials at hand. You may also get in touch with them to determine when the connection will be operational again if that doesn’t succeed. You could start the process by calling them because they could not even get informed of the disruption in your region.

Check the cables

While upgrading equipment, tidying the area, or relocating the modem to an excellent spot to boost the wifi coverage. You may have mistakenly detached a cable, left the connector slack, or attached the cord to the incorrect port. An Xfinity modem may glow orange as a consequence of this entire situation. To solve this, you must examine all the cords to determine whether they securely slide into the required sockets. Always inspect the cable at both ends. Ensure that the cord is attached to the proper port as well.

Note: Another cause of this issue is a broken splitter or not working correctly. You could verify this by immediately plugging the internet wire into the modem. Verify to see if the orange lighting is still flickering.

Contact Support

Xfinity provides 24/7 online chat assistance, which can be helpful or ineffective based on who you speak with and the nature of your issue. We highly advise contacting your nearest Xfinity to set up a time to discuss your problem or searching their customer care hrs and asking questions.

Bottom Line

So, before today if you didn’t know and asking why is my Xfinity Router blinking orange. The Xfinity modem flickering orange is not typical router behavior; thus, it must get fixed immediately. Before contacting Xfinity assistance, try each of the methods above. Additionally, if attempting to resolve the orange lighting issue on your own seems too challenging, you may contact the support service instantly. The goal is to establish a working network connection as quickly as feasible.

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