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The new low-end phones from Motorola are unexpectedly attractive.

Phone Arena discovered that Motorola had introduced a pair of new low-cost mobile phones that will be sold-in-markets other than the United-States. That isn’t particularly noteworthy because it does that all the time, but the Motorola e22 and e22i drew my attention because they look pretty fantastic. The appearance of budget Motorola phones, particularly those offered in the United States over the past couple of years, has been highly consistent. These phones all feature curved edges and pill-shaped camera bumps stuffed with as many lenses as the price point allows. However, the new e-series phones have a slightly different appearance, and I hope this indicates things to come.

You can tell these two gadgets are different from other recent Motorola phones by their flat back panels and side rails, both of which are present on both devices. After Apple returned the flat design with the iPhone 12, other manufacturers have been gently adopting it throughout their lines, replacing the curved side rails that had been popular for years. Since Apple brought back the flat design, other manufacturers have adopted it progressively. Eternal life to the flat rails! They are more attractive and easier to grasp at the same time. What could be better than fashion that also functions?

Motorola e22i in grey and white color options.

The Motorola-e22i looks pretty darn good in grey or white. Image:- Motorola

In addition to that, the colors are a little bit more fascinating. The majority of Motorola phones that I’ve used over the past year have been mostly gray, with some blue or green accents thrown in here and there to spice things up. You feel a little down in the dumps when you shoot the fifth gray phone in a row. Perhaps this is a problem for me, but it happens every time. The outside of the e22 may be purchased in either astro black or crystal blue, which features alluring logos that contrast with one another. In contrast, the exterior of the e22i can be bought in either natural gray or an eye-catching winter white.

The camera bump in the shape of a pill has also been removed. In its place are two camera lenses housed in a more rectangular housing that has been smoothed off. It seems to have a lot less of a mundane appearance. Second, I would like to applaud Motorola’s engineers for stopping at two rear lenses. You had the opportunity to include a useless 2-megapixel macro, but you decided against doing so. I am aware of your-presence, and I value you.

It would appear that the primary selling point of the e22 and e22i is the fact that they both come equipped with twin stereo speakers and 6.5-inch displays that are capable of 90 Hz refresh rates. The e22 comes preinstalled with Android 12 and features a dual capture camera mode that allows-users to use both the front and rear-cameras simultaneously. The Android 12 “Go edition” that comes preinstalled on the e22i is a stripped-down version of Google’s mobile operating system optimized for devices with minimal memory capacity. The price of the e22 will be €139.99 (about USD 140), while the cost of the e22i will be €129.99 (approximately USD 129). Both can be purchased in certain European countries, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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