Tesla Model Y vs Volkswagen ID 4

Both these models have a lot of features that will please your heart. In good times, they are now much more straightforward than they first appeared. Both these vehicle models share some features. Among them are panoramic glass roof, wireless charging, USB charging ports throughout the vehicle, heated seats and touch screen interface. You can control the features of the car through your phone. Between the Tesla Model Y and the Volkswagen ID 4, you can see that the Tesla’s touchscreen is bigger, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. And both these vehicles give you the ability to control the temperature.

Tesla Model Y vs Volkswagen ID 4 Performance 

Both these models offer the All-Wheel Drive feature. But they focus on driver experience and handling. Tesla Model Y has dual motors. It gives a sportier drive with quick acceleration. Its stiffer suspension gives you a rougher ride. The Volkswagen ID 4, on the other hand, is gentler and doesn’t bother you. But it does not take much time to reach the higher speed.

VW ID 4 gives you different driving situations. Among them, Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Custom mood can be seen. 

Battery Warranty 

Battery capacity and health are the most crucial factors when talking about electric vehicles. You can cover several years and thousands of miles with either model. Tesla Model Y covers an optimal battery power. Therefore, the Tesla Model Y provides a coverage of about 120,000 miles for about 8 years for the battery. If one of these qualifications is met, the warranty of the Tesla Model Y will be cancelled. Pay close attention to the date of purchase and the period of use of your vehicle.

When considering the Volkswagen ID 4, it provides coverage for 8 years or 100,000 miles. Also, your new VW ID 4 gets many more plus tons with the Carefree Coverage program. 

The Carefree Coverage program covers the maintenance and service costs of your ID 4 and thus helps keep it in tip-top shape for several years. This program provides coverage up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. When comparing the Volkswagen ID 4 battery warranty with the Tesla Model Y battery warranty, it shows a lack of 20,000 miles.

Tesla Model Y vs Volkswagen ID 4 Range 

The biggest problem for many customers is whether they can travel a short distance with these SUVs after charging once. Comparing the two, Tesla takes you further and VW charges faster. These advertised ranges change with your driving patterns and other factors. 

Tesla Model Y long range – EPA-estimated 326 miles 

Tesla Model Y Performance – EPA-estimated 303 miles

VW ID.4 Pro RWD – EPA-estimated 260 miles 

VW ID.4 Pro RWD – EPA-estimated 250 miles 

VW ID.4 Pro RWD – EPA-estimated 249 miles 

VW ID.4 Pro RWD – EPA-estimated 240 miles 

With the range of the VW ID.4, most of the time people can be taken to work and home for a week. The biggest difference is that the VW ID.4 can be charged overnight using 120 volt. Tesla Model Y takes several days to charge to full range.

Major comparison between Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4 


ID.4 – 41,230$ | Y – 65,990$

Avg paid: 

ID.4 – 41,714$

Critics’ Rating: 

ID.4 – 7/10 | Y – 7.8/10


ID.4 – 8.6/10 | Y – 8.9/10


ID.4 – 6/10 | Y – 7/10


ID.4 – 9.8/10 | Y – 9.9/10


ID.4 – Rear Wheel Drive | Y – All Wheel Drive


ID.4 – Electric | Y – Electric 

Body Style:

ID.4 – Sport Utility | Y – AWD Sport Utility 


ID.4 – 64.6 in | Y – 63.9 in


ID.4 – 180.5 in | Y – 187 in

Tires-Front performance:

ID.4 – Standard | Y – Optional 

Cargo volume to seat 1 (cu.ft):

ID.4 – 64.2 | Y – 76.2

Cargo volume to seat 2 (cu.ft):

ID.4 – 30.3 | Y – 30.2

Cargo volume to seat 3 (cu.ft):

ID.4 – 30.3 | Y – 30.2

Passenger capacity:

ID.4 – 5 | Y – 5

Dual Zone A/C:

ID.4 – Standard | Y – Standard 

Horsepower (Net@RPM):

ID.4 – 201 | Y – 425

Turning diameter:

ID.4 – 31.5 | Y – 39.8

Volkswagen ID.4 Pros:

Balanced Ride

Capable powertrains

Generous passenger and cargo room

Tesla Model Y Pros:

Lengthy driving range

Lively acceleration and handling

Spacious interior 

Many advanced safety features 

Volkswagen ID.4 Cons:

Unintuitive infotainment and cabin controls

Tesla Model Y Cons:

Distracing infotainment system 

Firm ride

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