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Why Miko 3 Not Connecting To WiFi and How To Solve It?

Despite being somewhat more expensive, Miko 3 is among the greatest toys you can have for your kids. The Max membership improves learning and adds many extra options that make the activity more interesting. However, you may sometimes encounter difficulties connecting this device to Wi-Fi, just like most smart devices on the market. Parents frequently feel frustrated that their Miko 3 not connecting to WiFi. So they start googling how to solve Miko 3 connecting to Wi-Fi issues. Fortunately, the solutions listed below will enable you to overcome Wi-Fi connectivity problems quickly.

What is Miko?

Miko is a loving robot that engages children between the ages of 5 and 10 by using fun, informal learning. It is a dependable gateway to tech that engages kids in learning via play and interaction. Miko may communicate with your child via voice control and a basic touchpad after it has established a Wi-Fi connection. Ask our cheerful robot to share a joke, teach your child arithmetic or grammar, sing a lullaby, or even dance. Your child’s imagination only limits Miko’s talents. Check out the Knowledge World app for play-based learning, and Miko Game Hub has stories, quizzes, animal noises, and more.

As you’ll see in our Miko 3 overview, the little robot toy’s super-strong brain and encouraging manner make learning enjoyable and simple. Kids may learn about various academic subjects through interesting games on tablets or smartphones, including math, science, and history. Additionally, Miko 3 provides youngsters access to coding tutorials that educate them on creating unique robot programming.

Another thing to note is that many advanced functions can only get accessed with a Miko Max membership. Although it is optional, the robot would get quite confined without it.

Is Mike Safe for Your Children?

Miko 3 has a strong privacy policy and improved end-to-end encryption to ensure your child’s data is safe and secure. Additionally, it allows parents total control over the playtime of their children. Parents may modify Miko’s settings using the user-friendly app to restrict their children’s playing. They may also learn how the robot interacts with their children in real-time.

Miko 3 not connecting to WiFi – Solutions

Following are some getaways if Miko 3 not connecting to WiFi:

Relocated your internet connection router

When initially connecting the device, you should keep the Miko 3 unit’s distance from the router as little as possible. The weak signal is the leading cause of the Miko 3’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi. In this case, you should move the router to a different room or move Miko 3 nearer. You may now try to connect the network to Miko 3, which ought to be sufficient to repair your device.


The Wi-Fi router’s credentials are the next item you should examine if the Miko 3 is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. The vast majority of clients acknowledged using unusual characters in their credentials. Although it might not appear to be a problem, this circumstance occasionally causes the connecting process to glitch. As a result, you should review the Wi-Fi login information and delete any unusual characters or signs from both the name and password. Miko 3 would connect without more problems the next time you undergo the connection process.

Channel bandwidth

Changing the network bandwidth is the best approach to resolve Miko 3 not connecting to Wi-Fi or if your router does not support dual bands. The channel bandwidth must be changed from 5.0GHz to 2.4GHz by logging into the router settings. As far as the robot gets not bodily destroyed, this will solve the Miko 3’s Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

On the contrary hand, it is not a terrible idea to briefly turn off the 5.0GHz channel if you are already using a dual-band router. The router should only transmit on the 2.4GHz band when set up. You can reactivate the 5.0GHz channel after the device has established a Wi-Fi connection.


You should limit interference in the space that can affect the Miko 3 device’s connection, much like you should with the channel bandwidth. Try to connect your Miko 3 device to the Wi-Fi after briefly turning off any additional routers or wireless devices in your room. The link between the two gadgets will improve as a result, and once a strong connection has got made between the devices, you may switch everything back on.


Since you will need to start over after resetting the router, this is not a recommended course of action and should only get used as a last resort. You must thus examine the Miko 3 device for any possible risk. Reset the Miko 3 device before resetting the router to be on the safe side. To isolate the problem, you might try it with a different network. If the Miko 3 joins a different network, you must complete the reset procedure.


It’s also probable that the Miko 3 device gets broken, so you must file a warranty claim to receive a free replacement. It is unnecessary to take extra time to diagnose the problem yourself if your warranty is still in effect. You should contact the specialist immediately and ask them to help you with the connectivity issue. You should request a replacement if the problem gets destroyed to use your Miko 3-unit premium membership.

Final Thought

This distinctive, entertaining learning robot will be an excellent STEM teaching tool for children. Since it supports both intellectual and emotional growth and has an infinite number of game and educational software options. Children may learn physics, environment, literature, and programming with Miko 3. We warmly suggest this as a wonderful present for any children.

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