Tesla’s suddenly leaked Supercharger locations problem

Tesla suddenly leaked all their upcoming Supercharger locations around the world. Then they made it. 

The Supercharger network is already the best and newest EV fast charging network in the world. 

And it is improving very fast. Similarly, Tesla is starting a network for non-Tesla electric vehicles. Thus, the nature of the Supercharger network is changing.

Similarly, we saw that Tesla has new stations at a record pace. 

It’s harder than people think about deploying a DC fast-charging station. Once Tesla thinks that they want to start a new Supercharger in a specific area, they need to find a property for that and they have to get permission from the property owners.

Next, the automakers have to design the project and have to get permission from the city and local electric utility. Then it should be activated with installation and work with the local utility. For that, it has to be scheduled with a local contractor. 

Any problem in any of these steps can cause their project to be canceled or delayed. That’s why Tesla rarely shares their exact locations until the Supercharger stations that come in front of them are ready.

Therefore, it is a strange fact that the actual location of their upcoming stations was added on the location page yesterday. 

If anyone is wondering what’s going on and why I’m so excited, this shows that Tesla mistakenly put the addresses of their future Superchargers on their Find Us list. 

It clearly looks like a bug. Tesla quickly removed these specific addresses and instead added only towns or cities where new stations are planned.

Also, as I noted, these addresses cannot be the actual location of their new superchargers. Tesla may be using them as their potential locations. 

However, the few locations I saw gave me a sense in terms of the local amenities. So they may be locations where Tesla actually works. 

If you missed this leaked location or if it is important for you to know about the new superchargers station of Tesla, don’t worry, because some people have downloaded this and created a map based on it. Currently, this map is only visible in Canadian stations, but it is being updated. It can be a long process. That’s because many stations will come.

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