Sony Surpasses 46.6 Million PS5 Sales Milestone, Aims for 25 Million Units This Fiscal Year

In a major triumph for the gaming giant, Sony has achieved a remarkable feat by selling over 46.6 million PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles as of the end of the second financial quarter, marking a substantial increase of 4.9 million units in the recent quarter ending on September 30. Despite falling short of the previous year’s holiday figures, the company’s sales performance exceeded that of the same period in 2022 by an impressive 1.6 million units. The long-standing supply chain issues in the tech industry initially hindered Sony’s production, but with gradual improvements, it was able to meet the soaring demand for the PS5. Notably, the company had already crossed the 40 million mark in PS5 sales by July 2023, since its launch in November 2020.

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Amidst a robust sales forecast, Sony President Hiroki Totoki has expressed unwavering confidence in the company’s capacity to achieve its target of shipping 25 million PS5 units this fiscal year. With this ambitious goal in sight, Sony remains optimistic about the upcoming release of its smaller PS5 models, strategically timed to coincide with the fervor of the holiday shopping season, potentially driving a surge in sales.

Aside from the impressive hardware sales, Sony also reported the sale of 67.6 million games in the second quarter, with a notable 4.7 million being first-party titles. Anticipating a significant upsurge in first-party sales in the subsequent quarter, Sony is poised to capitalize on the success of its latest release, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which garnered an astounding 5 million unit sales within its initial 11 days. Surpassing the performance of its predecessor, the sequel’s rapid success bodes well for Sony’s future prospects.

With the promising trajectory of its gaming division, Sony remains a dominant force in the gaming industry, poised to set new benchmarks and redefine the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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