Porsche 911 GT3 RS review

Porsche 911 GT3 RS front


What exactly is it?

The most extreme Porsche 911 ever produced. The brand new GT3 RS isn’t just designed to be a motorsport-inspired car it’s an entire race car, but one with numberplates created to be user-friendly and easy to the average person on the road or track. It’s a bit of a leap. About 50 years after that, the 2.7 RS started the 911 RS story, a fitting, unending pursuit of speed.

What’s its superpower?

Downforce is what the abundance of wings, holes, vents, and cutaways suggests the possibility of creating it and removing it. The raw numbers are astounding 860kg of downforce at 177mph and 406kg at the speed of 124mph. That’s more than twice the figures of the 991.2 GT3 RS it succeeds. It’s still a lot of fun due to the flaps that can be moved on the front spoiler, and a DRS-style hydraulic element inside the massive rear wing with a swan neck, which can be adjusted up to 306kg when you reach 177mph in a flash. This means you get a massive grip when you want it, but less drag when you do not.

The aero-kit needed to make this happen is a feat of precision. In place of the three radiators on the front bumper, similar to every other 911 model The GT3 RS has one massive forward-leaning radiator influenced by the RSR GT3 R and GT3R racers. Downsides? You’ll lose storage in the trunk’s front. Upsides? Space is available on either side to accommodate the movable underbody vanes, which are continuously moving and working together with the rear wing and diffuser to maintain the balance of aerodynamics 30 percent frontal 70 per cent rear.

The problem is that the radiator aims to send hot air straight from the bonnet’s nostrils onto the roof of the car , and into the intakes for the engine in the back deck. It’s not good. Naturally aspirated engines love cool, dense air, so those black fins on your bonnet push warm air towards the sides, while those roof blades stop it from sneaking back toward the engine. Are they worth it? The difference in intake air and 30 deg intake is 15bhp loss which means that Porsche affirms that it is. All the vents and holes around the wheels are made to serve a single purpose to remove air from the arches, and to reduce lift.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS rear
Porsche 911 GT3 RS interior


No, actually. There are improvements, but they’re not as dramatic. The engine is an 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six that revs to 9,000 rpm and producing 518bhp, mostly due to the hotter cam shaft profiles and cam shafts, however that’s just 15bhp higher than a GT3 of the current generation GT3 and just 5bhp higher than the previous generation GT3 RS. This is refreshing, isn’t that? in the age of quick access to turbocharged and electric grunt, Porsche kept the power level pretty constant and shifted its focus to other areas. For instance, its seven-speed PDK gearbox has an earlier end-to-end drive rate than GT3 and the wing-shaped wishbone suspension arms that provide 40kg of downforce when at its highest speed. However, don’t worry that this isn’t an incredibly fast car. 0-62mph within 3.2 seconds and the maximum time of 184mph (14mph slower than the GT3 with wing) is more than enough for working with.

I’m guessing that some sort of lightweighing may have occurred?

Yes, but not before the addition of some weight. In addition to the GT3 and the two-piece hydraulic wing and the 911 Turbo body and the active aero on the front bumper, and the longer track and larger tyres, all add up to the pounds. The podge is countered by the magnesium wheels available and with a single radiator design, carbon fiber for the roof, wing doors and bonnet, and the front wings. The Kerbweight (with all the lighter features) is 1,450kg, which is 15kg higher than an equivalent GT3. It’s not bad for the entire range of features for drivers, such as rear-wheel steering, as well as an adjustable… it’s pretty much, everything. The details will be discussed in a minute.

What is it about the way it looks?

When we first looked at GT3 RS, when we first saw GT3 RS, we hid behind the couch for fear of being hit head-on. It’s a tough form to stare at but take a few-minutes to get acquainted with it and it will win you over with its sturdy design and cartoon-like proportions. It looks great in any color we’ve ever seen. Are you skeptical? Start the configuration tool immediately. The launch event was held on the track at Silverstone, Porsche had one set up in front of all five GT3 RSs from the previous generation and it’s a distinct, genetically modified breed. The other 911s have large wings and wide bodies… it’s an absolute fright.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS front
Porsche 911 GT3 RS rear

What’s the conclusion?

“We applaud Porsche in its decision to maximize in other areas of its 911’s capabilities over the power”

Do we need to wait until we’ve driven it down the road? Nah. It’s hard to know how many race mileage 911 GT3s put throughout the years and generations What we’ve got here is an absolute masterpiece in chassis and aerodynamics. We are incredibly proud that Porsche did not just increase the power output and decided to focus in other areas of the 911’s range. There’s no other car similar to it. A recent attempt to run a ‘Ring lap’ was cancelled due to the weather turning nasty however, be prepared for a surprise when it happens. The GT3 R. GT3 RS is no oil painting, but you don’t have to worry about its shape considering how well it performs. You’ll have to be on-top of your game however. It deserves it.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS wing


What is it like to DRIVER?

It’s true, considering the high-end Porsche GT team has put on, and the car’s GT3-inspired base will not be disappointing. It’s still a car you must purchase with the right motives. Sure you can do some serious peacocking with that towering wing, but If you’re not intending to take it on track, or only very occasionally, then a 911 GT3 will give you the hardcore-911-for-the-road experience for a lot less – or a 911 Turbo might be more what you’re looking for. First, we need to discuss the circumstances…

Porsche 911 GT3 RS profile


It was a bit wet. This is not ideal for a car focused on high-speed downforce, and wearing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres that need to be warmed up in them before starting to function. While driving on Silverstone GP, Silverstone GP track we pushed the maximum amount our fear of mortality would allow and in some of the fastest flowing bends, you could feel the downforce pulling off the track. Other corners too, specifically the final right-hander just before the straight to the start-finish line it was like driving on ice, with uninvolved oversteer.

However, unlike some track-oriented supercars, using these conditions could be pointless The GT3 RS has a trick in its back. You can switch between Normal, Sport, and finally Track mode. Four new dials on the steering wheel offer the driver a precise control over the parameters of the chassis, which usually requires an axe and pants filthy. Spring rates already are 50% more rigid than the GT3. GT3 however, the compression and rebound for both the rear and front dampers are adjusted in nine stages by twiddling your finger and thumb and can be adjusted at any time. In the same way, the e-diff comes with nine options to adjust both Coast (the extent of rearward rotation to enter the turn) in addition to Power. In addition, you can leave the ESC completely on or switch to the dynamic mode and experiment using the nine-level traction controls… and switch it off completely.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel

That sounds incredibly complicated.

It’s true, but it’s completely intuitive and considering that the conditions in wet weather can increase angles making it difficult to adjust the settings is a fascinating practice. We could have spent hours, adjusting the exact angle of attack upon entry and the degree of tail wag at exit, even with the damp surface which prevented us from getting within the vehicle’s limits. It’s a costly toy that’s it’s the GT3 RS, and this adjustable feature is an excellent way to keep all drivers, both professional and novices engaged because the track, the weather conditions and your mood will always require a slightly different configuration. If you do it correctly, you can cut 10 percent off your lap time , and the joy is amazing.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS rear
Porsche 911 GT3 RS speedo

This is the basic fact of revving the engine to 9,000rpm, then pinging between the smooth 7-speed PDK gearbox, specifically with the perfectly magnetized paddles. The only significant improvements over the GT3 are a more powerful charge up to the limiter over the 6,000rpm mark, but that’s okay for us. Perhaps it could use more performance? It’s capable of handling and making use of it, but there’s definitely a lack of speed on the straights compared to other cars like that of the Ferrari 296 GTB.

A quick note about Active aero and specifically the DRS system is that you can disable using a button on your wheel to enjoy the complete F1 racing experience along the straights… however, there’s no need to. The car is working in the background and will automatically activate DRS only when your speed is greater than 60mph, and if the throttle is more than 95 percent in the air, and if the you are revving at or above 5,500rpm, and the acceleration in the lateral direction is less than 0.9G. Turn and brake to a corner and it is aware that you’ll need downforce. it will close in about the third of an second.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS screen

Did the track dry out?

It certainly did. In a chat with former F1 Porsche endurance racer Mark Webber, he’d sworn numerous times in an attempt to describe GT3 RS. GT3 RS before concluding that it’s an amazing feat that it’s still capable of being registered with numbers. It’s true as we’ve never seen a inverted commas road car that’s this brain-bendingly efficient on a track. Silverstone is, in fact, an extremely powerful power circuit which means that the more you push the faster you speed.

However, as we’ve mentioned before that GT3 RS is a surprisingly powerful car. GT3 RS trades ostensibly straightforward straight-line urge for the most nifty performance when you’re in corners. The speed you’ll be able to carry across Copse, Maggots and Becketts is difficult to calculate regardless of whether you’re a track day pro or have competed before. Yes Michelin’s Cup 2 rubber is very unique however, we’re well above pure mechanical grip and into an area where you must place your trust in the gods of aero. The results are awe-inspiring. The speed and method by which GT3 RS GT3 RS changes direction, the precision of its movements and the precision it offers to your feet, hands and backside, are remarkable.

Porsche has worked hard to ensure the best balance between the rear and front axles. Furthermore, the GT3 RS has significant anti-dive features. For instance the ball joint on the front on the lower trailing arm is lower in the axle on which it is located, and when you brake hard, a torque is generated which counteracts any deflection. Porsche says that the ball joints on all the chassis bearings are motorsport-derived; the result is a car that harmonises all the elements, and this being a Porsche, the major controls feel like precision-engineered, competition-grade items.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS spoiler
Porsche 911 GT3 RS aero


Cast iron discs with a diameter of 408mm and six-piston calipers are the common, with 380mm at the rear. You’ll need the Ceramic Composite versions (a PS6,498 choice) that have discs 410mm in-the-front and 390mm in the rear. They’ll be a must should you ever be able to take a few runs with Jorg Bergmeister, a class champion in Daytona and Spa among other events in the 911 GT3-RSR as one of the primary developers on the brand new car. I don’t know how he set the car up, but if the man who worked on the design of the equipment and likely wrote the software, he could create this car to look just like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

We’ve never slowed down at the bottom of Wellington Straight in anything or sling-shotted more hard out of Becketts and slip angles expertly managed. There are certainly more powerful cars on the market and some with more power and better performance However, if you had imagined that Porsche’s aero-focused efforts on this car will result in a great experience you were right. This is an exceptional and breathtaking experience.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

And also on the road?

It’s not quite there yet. Porsche claims that the vehicles they brought to the UK for launch use haven’t been registered for road use. It’s unclear if this is accurate and/or not, their message is clear – this car is the car for track at the top of the line and that’s what they would like to see it experience right now. It did not prevent Andreas Preuninger, boss of the GT department, from gushing about how it can be used in the street “so you’re willing to carry the moving around” and that the moment you put it in track and turn the damper compression back, it’s more comfortable than when in normal mode and that’s the way Preuninger’s car drives in the streets.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS badge


What’s it like on the inside?

If you sit down in the regular bucket seats made of carbon (less radical ‘Sports seats Plus’ are an no cost alternative) and it’s all the same 911 glaring at you. Sorry, sadists, the infotainment screen and air conditioning aren’t able to be erased – the advancement of technology means that it’s embedded into the vehicle to take out. It’s not a problem. The most notable distinction is the redesigned steering wheel in front you, with four brand new dials mentioned earlier, which change their function based on the mode you’re trying to adjust that is displayed on the display in the front of you.

The basic options are black leather and the black Race-Tex as well as carbon fibre weave however, you can spice things up by adding red inserts for doors and seats. There is also the Clubsport package. Clubsport bundle is an cost-free option that includes the roll cage made of steel with fire extinguisher and six-point harnesses. In addition, it comes with the Weissach pack, which costs significantly more, can be identified by the visible carbon on the rear mirrors, wing as well as the front hood and roof and there are the front and back anti-roll bars, and rolling cages can be purchased with carbon. If you have large enough pockets, go for it – It looks stunning.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS rear
Porsche 911 GT3 RS front


What should I be paying for?

It’s worth paying around PS178,500 for the UK before the option and another PS25,739 to get the Weissach pack, which comes with a the carbon-based roll cage… however, you aren’t. As is the case with RS product, it is evident that demand exceeds supply, so the odds of being on the waiting list in this point are low to none. There will be cars arriving at dealers shortly with massive price increases over the list price So if money isn’t an issue, there are ways to get ahead of the line.

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