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iPhone 6 Front Camera Not Working After Screen Replacement? [Fixed]

Is your iPhone 6 Front Camera Not Working After Screen Replacement? We are here to help you. Suppose you are using an iPhone or any smartphone. You will know that this device will have both front and back cameras. The front camera will be helpful when taking selfies. If the screen of your iPhone is cracked, then it is best to replace the screen. You can give the phone to a professional and get the screen replaced.

A trained technician will be using guaranteed components when replacing the screen. Some people also try replacing the iPhone screen at home. Although you can replace it by following the instruction, sometime you will encounter issues. The iPhone 6 front camera not working after screen replacement is one issue that most people face.

If you are also using iPhone 6 and finding that the front camera is not working, there are some causes for this issue, you will come across them in this blog. You don’t have to worry about it since, by using some simple hacks, you can easily fix this issue.

Causes for iPhone Front Camera Not Working

Suppose you don’t know why your iPhone front camera is not working or becomes blurry, then there are a few causes for this problem. Understanding the causes will help you determine why your iPhone front camera is not working. So, it will be easy when sorting the issue. Suppose the camera application of your iPhone is not properly launched, then you will encounter such an issue.

If you have enabled the voice-over setting, this might cause your iPhone front camera to malfunction. Updating the iPhone with an unstable IOS version also makes the apps function poorly. If there is any damage to your front camera, you might encounter an issue where the vision will be blurry, or sometimes it will not work properly.

Finally, if your iPhone 6 front camera not working after screen replacement, this might be due to damages in a thin ribbon cable or if the plug is not seated properly. Hence identifying the cause is important to check on the possible solution. Among all these causes, this article will significantly focus on the front camera issue related to screen replacement.

iPhone 6 Front Camera Not Working After Screen Replacement – Remedies

Now you might know the possible causes for your iPhone front camera not working. When you take different iPhone models, you might notice changes in the camera, updates, and many other factors. In September 2014, Apple company launched their new iPhone 6. Every year they release a new model of iPhone.

If you are still using an iPhone 6, you might know that the phone will support recent updates. Although this model will not stop working overnight, many resources mention that it is safe to use until 2023. When your iPhone screen is cracked, you will have to replace it. Hence in such situations, it is better to give the phone to a screen repair service as this saves both money and time.

Also, you can ensure that the repair will increase the durability of the phone rather than replacing the screen at home. Suppose you have recently replaced the screen of your iPhone 6 and notice that your front camera is not working. Then there are some methods by which you can try sorting out the issue.

Try Switching Off Your Camera App

As already mentioned, your front camera will not work properly if the application has not loaded properly. To fix this issue, you will have to close the camera app., tap on your home button twice, and then swipe the interface of the camera application. Next, close the application and wait for a few minutes. Now you can try restarting the device. Hopefully, this will fix the issue. If you still witness the same problem, you can sort it out using alternative methods.

Restarting Your iPhone

One of the common solutions for most of the problems is restarting the device. Suppose if an app malfunctions or you encounter an interconnection issue, you can try restarting the phone to sort out the issue. Similarly, if your iPhone 6 front camera not working after screen replacement, try restarting the phone. If you are an iPhone user, you might know how to restart the device.

Anyways, let’s also briefly discuss the steps to restart your phone. You must press the power button and hold it for some time. After a few seconds, you will notice a power slider on your phone screen. By sliding it, you can switch off your phone. Then wait for about a minute before pressing the power button to start the phone. Now check whether the front camera is working as usual.

Updating the Phone

You might know that the IOS update notification will pop up if you use an outdated version. This unstable or outdated version of IOS can also cause your front camera screen to be black. You can sort out the issue by updating the latest IOS version. Locate the setting application and open it.

There you will have to click on the general option. Now you will find the software update option. Click on it and then click on update and download. This way, you can get the latest IOS version for your iPhone 6.

Reset the iPhone

If none of the methods mentioned above is working, then you’ll have to try resetting the device to fix the issue with the front camera. Since you will lose the data from your phone by resetting, you must have to save any important data in iCloud to back it up later. The iPhone will restore to the default version when you reset the device.

Hopefully, this will fix any issues with your iPhone. After completing the process, ensure the problem is sorted by clicking on the front camera option.

Getting the Support of a Professionals

Even after resetting the device, if you still notice the same problem, you will have to get the support of a professional to sort out the issue. Since the professional will have expertise and knowledge in this field, they will help you to fix the issue. Sometimes if the screen is not replaced properly, it is better to take the phone to the repair service where you did the screen replacement.

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