Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept


Dodge has released photos of “Banshee” concept Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, a fully electric iconic American muscle car.

This concept Daytona concept even retains muscle car appearance. This “Banshee” is a fully electric Muscle car.

We have some little info about specs. That concept will be powered by Dodge’s 800V electric-all wheel drive propulsion system. Also dodge wants to evoke the same level of performance as its other-high-horsepower brands, like Hemi, Hellcat , and Redeye.

This one powered by an 800 Banshee Propulsion system, and promises performance exceeding the SRT Hellcat engine. Like the hornet, The Daytona also offers PowerShot, A push-button horsepower booster.

This car comes with a “multispeed transmission with an electro-mechanical shifting experience” and paddle shifters on the steering wheel, in addition to a pistol grip.

This car Daytona name – a reference, the company noted, to “the first vehicle to break 200 mph on a  NASCAR track in 1970.


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