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What are the Disadvantages of Factory Reset? – Explained

Given the widespread adoption of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs by service providers, the notion that a factory reset choice would become the primary method of erasing data isn’t that outlandish. The benefits and disadvantages of factory reset are the main topics of this essay. A variety of benefits come with factory setting the phone, but there are some drawbacks as well.

What Benefits and Disadvantages of Factory Reset Have? Synopsis

What Benefits Does a Factory Reset Offer?

It’s simple to start with. Also possible are mobile factory resets. It is as straightforward as doing a fast backup and then wiping on a gadget that has had a factory reset.

What are the Disadvantages of Factory Reset?

Please be aware that by performing this procedure, the device is zeroed, and all data is deleted. However, applications, as well as the data they contain, would be destroyed. Information synchronized with any Google Account could be recovered.

Precisely What Does It Signify When a Device is Reset?

A factory reset is another name for restoring a gadget to its original factory settings. The entire contents of the phone, along with all user preferences, software, storage memory, and other items, are deleted during this operation. To put it simply, a factory reset will result in the device being entirely erased.

Why You Need to Factory Reset a Device?

Resetting your device may be done for many different reasons. Whenever a device has malware or has been infected by viruses, this causes the device to become sluggish ultimately and affects its functionality. You wish to increase the device’s performance since it is slow.

You wish to quickly delete all information from the phone in order to market it. You would like to clear up the memory space because you are tired of it popping up. Resetting the device to its default settings will be the only effective way to address these issues.

What Benefits Come with a Factory Reset?

  • Whenever adherence is taken into account, the simplicity of selecting a click and wiping the target device is quite effective.
  • A smartphone type is required to unlock the barrier if you lose your device’s PIN passcode or sequence lock key. You may use the cellphone once more after its format because all restrictions are gone from it.
  • Nobody likes to buy a phone that has your private information. Therefore you might have to trade the old mobile. You may thus perform a factory reset and erase all of the phone’s data prior to gifting it to someone else.
  • More issues arise from the halting problem with an outdated phone—particularly for anyone whose smartphones have little RAM. The screen only works temporarily and develops inside one location. Formatting the phone becomes a remedy in this situation. It substantially lessens the hang issue.
  • Furthermore, it speeds up the old phone by doing this. The cached files, as well as the information, are indeed wiped when we return a smartphone to the factory settings, which makes the device operate more quickly.
  • The mobile device can be mended by repeatedly resetting, whereas if WIFI hotspots or some other function is not functioning.

What are Some Disadvantages of Factory Reset?

  • When a gadget is factory reset, it may sometimes only keep working for a short while; if a problem with the device is not discovered, it will eventually stop working. Most software problems aren’t fixed by a factory reset.
  • It can only be helpful when you’re deleting data from your phone’s internal storage. This implies that even with the aid of such a factory reset wipe, none of the information kept on the external drives can be removed.
  • It is controversial from the perspective of safety since data-centric perception sees it as a danger. A sizable amount of pertinent and crucial data might need to be recovered.
  • Your valuable files can only be recovered if you have a solid backup. Everything, like photos and films that are connected to your own experiences, may be lost forever, meaning you would have to rebuild them.
  • With the licensing codes for the existing applications, you may have problems rebuilding them when you perform a factory data reset on the computer.
  • When you perform factory data resets occasionally, ideally every two to three months, your computer will benefit from it. However, if you regularly perform factory data resets, the RAM, as well as the ROM of a gadget, may suffer significantly.
  • As a result, you should begin the setup process from scratch. The operating system is removed. Also, software-related problems will affect computers. The operating system would start to have issues if the internet access is dropped and resets to cease.
  • Battery life is yet another crucial aspect of any device that’s also impacted by a factory data wipe, whether a computer or a smartphone. Consequently, refrain from often doing a factory data reset with any smartphone. Only put it into effect when necessary; otherwise, your gadget might suffer an unintended and undesirable loss.
  • With adequate knowledge, you might do the reset correctly, leaving your computer permanently alive and locked in an eternal loop. Therefore, it is only sometimes a good idea to reset. You could find yourself trapped on an issue while trying to solve another. Your information, time, plus cash would all be harmed in various ways by the loss.

How Does a Smartphone Factory Reset?

  • You must first access the device’s settings. Look for the Backup & reset option there.
  • Select it as soon as you’ve accessed the Backup & reset option on the device. Construct a backup.
  • You will find a factory data reset choice under the Backup & reset options at the extreme conclusion. Toggle it on.
  • You’ve already reset the phone before entering it.
  • A password request will be made there. The smartphone will immediately be reset when you input it to begin the reset procedure.


Our explanation of factory resets has given you a better understanding of what they are and when you should use them.


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