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Best Apple Music Tips & Tricks

If you are using an Apple device then I am sure you are using Apple Music as well. 

With this article, we intend to bring you some tips and tricks hidden in Apple Music, a feature that you often use on your Apple device. These tips and tricks will make your Apple Music experience easier and more enjoyable.

1) Being able to import your data 

If you use another music stream like spotify, Google music, you can also get your favorite song list from Apple Music. For that, it is not necessary to search them separately and make a collection. You can import data from another music stream to Apple Music through third-party tools. 

Many people use free services like SongShift for this. For this, download the app and sign up through your old music stream. later,

1) Go to the My shifts page and tap the add icon. 

2) Select Set Up source and select the music stream you are using. Then continue. 

3) Tap Set Up destination and select Apple Music and continue. 

4) Select the playlist you want and tap continue. 

5) Then tap I’m finished and start the process. 

2) To get your own name 

When you comment on Apple Music, your name appears there. But you can change the display name. Click on For you in the App. Then click on user profile. Tap see what friends are listening there. Next go to Get started and fill your stuff.

3) Download for offline listening 

With Apple Music, you can listen to music anywhere, anytime. And you can ask offline too. To play an offline song, you need to download it. For that, first tap on the ellipsis menu. Go to add to listening there. Then tap the ellipsis again and tap download. Then tap the ellipsis again to clear the space and select Remove. 

4) View downloaded 

If you want to check the music available when you are offline, first tap Library. Next go to Downloaded Music. It will show you locally stored music.

5) To play in the browser 

If you haven’t downloaded iTunes to your PC, Apple Music is available as a beta on the web. Sign in to for that. 

6) To keep things private 

When you create a profile, you can see and control who has access to it. And you can see your listening habits by tapping For you. Next, by viewing profile and editing, you can select the people you want and limit those who can follow you. You can also delete your music profile. 

7) To automatically add songs to your library

It will be very convenient if you have made a playlist suitable for different occasions. That is, an energetic playlist suitable for the gym, a peaceful playlist for a peaceful mind, etc. That’s why Apple Music has allowed you to automatically add playlist tracks to your library. For that go to Music in settings. Then go to Add Playlist Songs. 

8) To hide Apple Music suggestion 

Because you already know the songs and playlist you want, most of the time the For You tab is not needed. Or maybe they hate it. You can hide it as per your wish. Go to settings on your iPhone. Go to Music and turn off Show Apple Music.

9) To download by Cellular Data 

Usually the default setting allows you to download via wifi. But you can change it. Go to setting for that. Select Cellular data in music. And you can set it for highest quality streaming by cell data. It depends on your choice. 

10) Add Wake up Song to Apple Music 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to your favorite song when you wake up in the morning? For that you can get more than 60 million tracks from Apple Music. Download the song you want. Next go to the Clock app. Create or edit an alarm. Click on pick a song under Sound. You can select songs from the album.

11) To listen to the radio 

You can listen to Apple Music from any radio station that supports streaming in America. It is through TuneIn,, iHeartRadio etc. You can use the app or say Hey Siri and give commands like play radio station. It lets Siri and Apple Music find them for you. 

12) Play Apple Music by Alexa 

In general, Apple prefers to play music through Siri. But you can also do it with Amazon’s Alexa. Designate Apple Music in Alexa as your music streaming and then tell her to play music. 

13) To reply to Greatest Hits

Spotify is getting a lot of play on social media with its wrapped features. It highlights songs and artists that have been repeated throughout the year. You can do the same now in Apple Music. Replay can be done on the web via 

14) To cancel Apple Music before charging 

After the 3-month trial, Apple Music will automatically start charging through the credit card you added. You have to call Apple to stop it. But now you can do it yourself. For that, go to For you in the Apple Music app. Go to View Apple ID on the Profile icon and go to Subscriptions. Next go to Apple Music Membership. Go to cancel free trial there. It can be shut off immediately.

15) Select songs using Lyrics 

You can look at the lyrics of the songs and choose the kind of songs you like. When you are listening, click on the live lyrics. It comes with a smart question mark balloon.

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